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November 8, 2007

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions

Looking around for case law covering developing issues on the Internet.  Then take a look at the Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions.  The site is maintained by attorney Martin Sampson and does quite well at noting, summarizing (in great detail), and providing access to the full text of relevant decisions.

From the site description:

Court decisions are organized by subject matter.  Within each subject, cases are organized alphabetically by case name.  There, you will find a brief synopsis of the court's decision.  If the case is of interest, click on the case name, and you will be taken to a more thorough analysis.  In most cases, we also provide the full text of the court's decision, either via a downloadable pdf, or via a link to a location at which it can be found on the Internet. 

To increase the utility of the Internet Library, and expand our coverage of Internet Law court decisions, we also provide a "Quick Hits" section.  Located at the end of each Subject Matter page, the "Quick Hits" section contains a brief synopsis of additional court decisions addressing the same Subject Matter.  In most cases, we also provide the full text of the court's decision as well as a downloadable pdf.

A free electronic newsletter, Internet Law Update, is available to provide you with the latest cases added to the Library.  A full text search engine is also available to assist in utilizing the Library's resources.

The Internet Law Library has analyzed cases covering a broad array of topics, including trademark and copyright infringement, dilution, use of meta tags, links, thumbnails and framing, browse wrap, click wrap and shrink wrap agreements, domain name disputes, internet service provider liability, subpoenas, online defamation, gripe sites, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, jurisdiction, the legality of gambling on the Internet, search engine advertising, licensing requirements for the operation of an online pharmacy and automobile distributorship, the legality of keying and cookies, use of e-mail in the work place, spam, the legality of pop-up ads and spyware, and First Amendment issues arising out of governmental regulation of the Internet, among others.

The URL is http://www.internetlibrary.com.  It's worth the visit.

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