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September 5, 2007

New iPods, New Features, and New iPhone Prices

Apple announced a new line up of iPods and products today.  The highlights include a new touchscreen iPod called, appropriately, the iPod Touch.  The model sports a screen similar to the iPhone that has the Safari browser and Wi-Fi capability.  An 8 GB model sells for $299 and a 16 GB model sells for $399.  If anyone wanted an iPhone without the phone part or the hassle of dealing with AT&T, this is for you. 

Speaking of the iPhone, the price on the 8GB model fell $200 to $399, with the former $399 4GB model dropped from the catalog.  It's been out, what, 2 months?  Just imagine what it's like to be stuck with a discontinued phone 2 years into a contract with AT&T.  Technology marches on.

Other significant news is the ability to buy songs wirelessly from the iTunes store and the ability to create a ringtone from any song in the store for 99 cents.  Microsoft took a lot of heat for the inability of the Zune to accept wireless purchases.  They should take even more heat because a competitor, nay, the Death Star of competitors beat them to the punch.  Come to think of it, anyone seen any ads for Zune on TV lately?  At the same time, the company quietly cut the price of the Zune by $50.  That ought to sell 10 or 20 more.

The Apple announcement is viewable in QuickTime video from the Apple web site.

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