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September 5, 2007

NBC Moves To Amazon

NBC Universal quickly followed up its split from Apple by partnering with Amazon's Unbox service.  Videos of The Office and other NBC "hits" are available through the Unbox service.  This should give some form of boost to Amazon's efforts.  When Unbox was announced it was widely panned as being clunky and user unfriendly.  It has since partnered with TiVo which streamlines distribution to some extent.  The heavily DRMed offerings however are still consumer unfriendly.  Prices for episodes of The Office Season 3 are at $1.99 each, which comes out to about $44 for the season set.  The DVD set came out yesterday with 3 hours of deleted scenes at a price of around $30 or so in the big box stores.  Go figure which is the better value. 

NBC's move effectively cuts out Apple users as Unbox is Windows only.  Apple still has the market share, estimated at about 70% or more of video downloads.  We'll see if NBC can grow their sales but cutting out the largest distributor of their product.  Remember, NBC isn't merely competing with Apple.  There are P2P networks out there that offer a potentially better consumer experience, albeit an illegal one.  That point obviously hasn't frightened anyone enough to stay away from them.

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