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September 13, 2007

Lawsuits, We've Got Lawsuits

Prince wants to sue YouTube, eBay, and the Pirate Cove (a P2P hub) to take back the Internet from piracy.  He wants to control his intellectual property.  Take Down notices don't work for him because the content goes back up.  He's tired of web sites making money off the creativity of others, blah blah blah.  Advice to the artist known as Prince again, get in line.

NTP fresh from it's victory over RIM in a patent dispute is now suing AT&T, Verizon, SprintNextel, and T-Mobile over over essentially the same patents.  There's also an ongoing suit against Palm.  RIM was up against the wall because the federal judge in that case was going to issue an automatic injunction against RIM that would have essentially shut down its service.  A separate case later decided by the U.S. Supreme Court said that injunctions in patent cases are not automatically issued as part of a remedy.  Patent cases are no different than other cases and issuing injunctions in patent situations still have to meet a test for appropriateness.  So, that leverage that worked against RIM is gone from these cases.

Google is being sued over patents relating to reading books online.  Apparently there's a patent involving 3D navigation in online books.  Sounds like any sophisticated Acrobat file can violate the patent as well.

Polaris IP is suing Google, Amazon, Borders, and Yahoo for automating their email systems.  The case was filed last week in the Eastern District of Texas, also known as patent suit heaven.

And finally, Qualcomm got a federal appellate judge to overturn the ban on imports of cell phones using Qualcomm chips that allegedly violated patents held by Broadcom.  The ban was placed by the International Trade Commission, which is a U.S. entity.  The White House would not intervene in the case.  In your face ITC et al., lawyers for Qualcomm were heard not to have said after the decision.

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