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August 28, 2007

Yahoo Seeks Dismissal of Rights Suit

Yahoo filed a response to the case against it for cooperating with the Chinese government resulting in the imprisonment of dissidents.  The World Organization for Human Rights sued Yahoo on behalf of the wife of one of the dissidents, charging that if Yahoo had not turned over information, then there would have been no imprisonment.  That's speculative to some extent but evidence in the case shows that Yahoo's information was relative to the convictions.

Yahoo for its part contends that it has no choice but to cooperate with the Chinese government under legal process there or cease doing business.  The company also contends that the case doesn't belong in federal court.  Everything that took place happened in China.  That's where the Yahoo affiliate is based, along with the servers.  Commentators suggest that Yahoo is likely safe on legal grounds, but not so much on ethical grounds.  Microsoft and Google are probably grateful that it's not them.  Let's wait and see how the judge rules on the motion to dismiss.

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