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August 14, 2007

Yahoo Edges Google in Satisfaction Survey

Maybe all those yodeling commercials for Yahoo paid off.  The University of Michigan survey on customer satisfaction placed Yahoo at 79 points out of 100, one point higher than Google.  Microsoft and Ask came in a 75, while AOL rounded out the bottom at 67.  The numbers showed that Google dropped below 80 for the first time, that Ask jumped 6% in the ratings, and that AOL dropped around 10%. 

Pundits attributed Google's low key approach to publicizing its services.  The main Google page has changed only slightly since its inception.  Maybe there's something to be said for the cluttered, huckster-like pages on other search engines.  Still, Google has around 50% of searches, and that's where the money is.  I'm sure Yahoo, Microsoft, and others  would trade customer satisfaction for a bigger piece of the search action.

Stories are in New York Times, Ars Technica, and the Wall Street Journal.

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