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August 17, 2007

The CD is 25 Years Old Today

The format that revolutionized the music industry in 1982 turned 25 today.  The promise at the time was that mass produced CDs would ultimately be cheaper than vinyl.  That has turned out not to be the case through most of the format's existence.  Now that the format is challenged by digital downloads and other compressed formats suitable to portable players, the labels may discount product enough to keep the format afloat.  Then again, there's always used disc stores where the real market is at work. The fear back then was that CDs wouldn't last 10 years without going bad.  Most of the discs I bought in the 1980s are still going strong save for a few badly manufactured titles.  Still, with the constant re-release of product, we can always replace dead discs.  With common computer technology, we can exercise our fair use rights and make a legal back up.  Happy birthday CD, and many more.

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