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August 6, 2007

Suit Against Google/YouTube Gets Bigger

Newsman Robert Tur dropped his copyright infringement action against YouTube so that he could join the proposed class action suit.  Tur sued Google originally over his news footage of the Los Angeles Riots from the early 1990s.  It makes sense from a legal perspective to do that.  Imagine if he lost the case as an individual. What's worse from a litigant's point of view than a court saying Google complies with the DMCA?  The precedent could affect potential litigation down the line.  Better to join the litigation version of a mob action.

In other news on that same front, The National Music Publishers Association joined the suit as they believe their members were not receiving compensation for music that appeared on YouTube videos.  They were joined by seven more parties including the Rugby Football League, the Finnish Football League Association, and author Daniel Quinn.  So there.

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