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August 2, 2007

Google Ponders Spectrum Bid

Google is being coy about whether or not it will bid in the 700 MHz spectrum auction since it didn't get two of the four conditions that it wants from the FCC.  The text of the rules won't be out for some time, so there's no point in committing or not.  At the same time, however, the statements coming out of Google suggest that they could still be in the market.

Two stories in Ars Technica highlight this.  One goes on about the positive chatter praising the Commission's decision.  The other reveals the existence of several models of Google phones shopped around to the major wireless carriers (other than AT&T).  Google may be getting into the wireless business one way or another, and likely with a price point that would appeal to consumers, assuming they could put up with ads.  And you know who will get the lion share of the ad money on a Google phone no matter who the carrier.  If Microsoft can work on an ad supported version of the Works Suite, why not an ad supported Google phone.

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