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July 6, 2007

Sony To Church: We're Sorry, Go Away

Sony issued an apology over a shoot-out sequence in the game Resistance: Fall of Man.  The battle between man and alien takes place in what looks to be Manchester Cathedral in England.  The Church of England was mighty miffed over violent acts being depicted at the Cathedral.  It wanted the game withdrawn.  While happy to issue an apology (which costs the company nothing) it will not withdraw the game from circulation or change it (which would cost it money).  Sony, as called on, will not make a donation to the Cathedral with an effort of curbing gun violence in Manchester.  The company did say, however, that it will not use the Cathedral in any future games.  Sorry, our bad.  On the plus side, anyone familiar with the layout of Manchester Cathedral should have an easy time getting through that level.

Read it in the BBC.

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