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July 2, 2007

iPhone Launch Aftermath

The crush to buy them was large, as many predicted.  Lots of them wound up on eBay, as predicted.  AT&T customers had mixed reviews on phone activation.  Those with existing AT&T numbers or taking a new phone number generally had few problems activating the phone.  Those trying to port numbers from other carriers had delays of up to two days in getting their phone activated.  The Apple experience was praised, but AT&T came in for heavy criticism for not preparing better.

One thing came up in the Chicago Tribune review of the phone:  the only headphones available for the iPhone are those that come with it.  Apple wants to keep the user experience consistent, using the headphone/microphone arrangement for all listening and phone calls.  Assuming one is listening to a tune, the music is paused when placing or receiving a call.  OEMs are creating aftermarket replacements, but they are not out yet.  From other reviews, it seems that Apple did something it normally doesn't do with a new product, it made enough for demand.  Some stores reported selling out, but reports indicate that in spite of the massive demand, there was still product available after the first day,

It will be a while before there is a general idea of the public reaction to the iPhone beyond the activation issue.  The reviews are good so far.

Here are examples in the Washington Post, PC World, the San Francisco Chronicle, CNET, and Ars Technica.

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