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July 31, 2007

FCC Votes For Open Access in Spectrum Auction

The Federal Communications Commission approved auction rules today for the 700MHz spectrum currently occupied by analog broadcasters.  The rules included an open access provision but not a wholesale resale provision that Google had asked for as part of a potential bid.  The question is whether Google will bid under these circumstances.  The idea behind open access is to give consumers the opportunity to connect any device and use any software on those devices.  Assuming AT&T and Verizon win the spectrum, they could likely offer that freedom without necessarily supporting the problems that open access would create.  More likely they would urge clients to switch to their more restrictive plans.

Google has teamed up with Sprint to offer Google services on the Sprint WiMax network.  This may be a budding relationship that could see a partnership on a joint bid by the two companies.  Google's relationship with the two major telcos is frosty at best, so don't count Google out on some form of competition.

More on this as the situation develops.

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