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July 5, 2007

EU To Look At Hi-Def DVD Format Competition

The European Union has decided to take a look at the competition between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD high definition video formats.  The Commission has sent letters to studios inquiring about their decision to support a format.  Sony, Walt Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Lion's Gate Entertainment, and MGM support Blu-Ray Exclusively.  Universal supports HD-DVD exclusively, and Warner and Paramount support both.  Warner plans to introduce a hybrid disc with content in each format on one side of a dual sided disc.  Those releases are currently delayed.

The EU is interested in whether there was any improper tactics in how the studios decided to select their format of choice.  Surely the Commission can't believe that a small number of powerful media executives got together to promote a format that works best for their interests irrespective of consumers?  That sounds like the Dick Cheney school of business practices.

Stories are in Ars Technica, PC World, and P2Pnet.

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