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July 20, 2007

Comment on the Game Console Wars

Here's a story where someone just doesn't get it.  Digital Spy has a story quoting Earthworm Jim creator Dave Perry saying that the Nintendo Wii will not have long term appeal.  The reason, he says, is that gamers are attracted to gorgeous graphics, something the Wii lacks in comparison to the XBox and the PS3.  What he fails to realize is that Sony and Microsoft already have that market. 

Nintendo expanded the market by going after casual gamers and even non-gamers who normally would not buy or play games.  A lot of people are not willing to commit 40 hours of their lives fighting trolls and moving up levels in a complex game.  They are willing to swing their arms playing Nintendo bowling or tennis for half an hour at a time, however.  A number of people who bought the Wii would have never considered the other consoles.  That's not to say that the Wii and successor systems couldn't lose out to others  in the future.  But please, credit Nintendo with a broader view of their customers for their success.

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