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June 27, 2007

More iPhone Chatter

As the frenzy builds for the iPhone release (two more days now), there are two interesting articles out of the millions of references that take a different view on what this all means.  One is on CNET, which relates an interview with Neel Mehta, a security expert at IBM's Internet Security Systems.  Mehta answers questions about iPhone security, and how it differs from other smart phones.  CNET is running a great series of articles that peeps at how Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft handle web security.  Worthwhile as these are the big three visited sites and models for web security efforts.

The other is on Time Magazine's site, which examines the shortcomings of AT&T as the carrier that can't do complete justice to the iPhone's capabilities.  The AT&T iPhone FAQ has just been posted, and a copy is here.  Learn new things, such as an owner won't be able to insure the phone through AT&T.

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