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June 13, 2007

Google Raises Complaint About Vista Desktop Search

Speaking of Google and Microsoft, the news has been running reports of Google's unhappiness with Microsoft's built-in desktop search in Vista.  Google claims it is difficult for users to switch to their product, and that conflicts slow down Google's offering when it is installed.  This came up last year when Vista beta copies were released by Microsoft.

The follow-up is a formal complaint by Google charging Microsoft with antitrust violations.  The Justice Department is siding with Microsoft on this one, though the state attorneys general involved in the original Microsoft antitrust litigation have other ideas.  They tended to feel that Microsoft got off easier when the Bush administration took over the case.  Now they are at the point where they are considering supporting Google in court. 

Microsoft and Google have not sparred over this development through official press releases or blog postings.  This will play out in court at some point as a new front in the competition between these two giants.

more details are in CNN Money, the Washington Post, and this interesting story from Redmondmag.com concerning Justice Department official Thomas Barnett who at one time was a Microsoft attorney in the original federal antitrust case. 

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