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May 25, 2007

Nudity in Halo 2 Delays Release, Sort Of

Microsoft's Halo 2 game for Vista has been delayed due to partial nudity on one of the characters.  Microsoft is issuing a 2 MB patch to eliminate the offensive content and updating its labels on copies of the game that are in distribution.  The store date is May 31st though some stores with copies were reportedly selling them now.  Partial nudity seems to be a little more buttock than usual.  Microsoft is probably doing the right thing given there is a presidential election coming up.  It's not a bad thing either to take steps to protect one's corporate self from the one litigant in Utah who is morally offended to the core by such things.

Microsoft said through a spokesman that the content was added in jest and wasn't meant for the final build.  Someone will likely not be working on any future builds, particularly if it costs the company money.

No links to the inappropriate content here, although there are some in the story at Gamer.Blorge.com.  Make sure you hide the children and small animals before viewing.  Sailors, avert your eyes.  Regular anime fans, yawn.  More details at Computerworld.

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