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May 7, 2007

New Pew Report Suggests Web 2.0 Particpants Small in Number

The Pew Internet & American Life Project issued its latest report, A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users.  Several conclusions are on the title page:

  • 8% of Americans are deep users of the participatory Web and mobile applications
  • Another 23% are heavy, pragmatic tech adopters – they use gadgets to keep up with social networks or be productive at work
  • 10% rely on mobile devices for voice, texting, or entertainment
  • 10% use information gadgets, but find it a hassle
  • 49% of Americans only occasionally use modern gadgetry and many others bristle at electronic connectivity

Of that first group, it seems then there is the potential for vast market growth in the Web 2.0 sector.  Either that, or creating video, music, other multimedia, blogging, etc., is just too much effort for the bulk of Internet users.  As for the last group, Web 1.0 or less is just fine with them.  The survey did not include teens, so their prolific use of technology is not part of the results. 

The report breaks users down into 10 distinct groups, who are further grouped into three categories. These range from the Omnivores (8% of the adult population) who have to have every gadget and service, to the Connected but Hassled who have bought into technology but find it burdensome to be connected, to the Off the Network group (15%) who simply don't need the Internet or cell phones.

The 65 page report describes in great detail the attitudes of all ten groups.  It's an interesting read, and best of all, it's a passive experience for the majority of Internet users who find technology annoying. Find it here.

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Sounds great to me

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