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May 14, 2007

Military Bans 13 Web Sites from Its Networks

The military has discovered what every campus and corporate network administrator has has known for some time:  social networking is mostly irrelevant to the operation and takes up a lot of bandwidth.  The security issue is there as well.  Indiscriminate Internet access can lead to local infection for spyware and viruses.  For most people that possibility can be severely inconvenient.  A breach for the military can mean divulging secret operational details.  That is why certain web sites are now banned on military networks.  These include YouTube, MySpace, Photobucket, MTV, live365, Stupidvideos, among others, 13 in all.

Email or access to other sites is not affected.  Soldiers can use Internet cafes in Iraq to get to banned content.

Stories are in the Chicago Tribune, Computerworld, and just for fun, Xinhua.

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