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May 4, 2007

Microsoft Buying Yahoo!?

That's what the news reports are indicating.  Yahoo stock is way up based on the stories.  Both companies are feeling heat from Google in search and other services.  A combined company would give Microsoft a real leap in competing with Google.  Microsoft has always had a low presence in the Internet provider and search markets compared to both Google and Yahoo!.  If anything, this move would be consistent with Microsoft buying market share when it can't build it up on its own.

One question is what a combined company would look like, or what kinds of changes Microsoft could bring to Yahoo!.  The latter company has great properties but is not focused on how to leverage them to make more cash.  Can Microsoft manage Yahoo! to greater success when they can't do that with MSN?  More on this as it develops.

Stories are in USA Today, Business Week (a good analysis), and Bloomberg.

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