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May 2, 2007

Interesting Articles

The Chicago Tribune has an article on the use of trademarks in online ads, laying out the issues of whether placed ads for competitors by search engines on a results page violates trademark law.  Courts have been inconsistent in rulings, the article notes.  Good graphics accompany the article.  The story is Trademark Battlefield.

A story in the San Francisco Chronicle highlights the military's use of YouTube to present a more positive view of U.S. involvement in Iraq.  Complaining that the media focuses on the death and destruction type videos, the military is uploading clips of soldiers heroically destroying insurgents and terrorists along with positive encounters with the Iraqi population.  The story is Military Taps YouTube to promote its view of Iraq.

CNET features a story by attorney Eric J. Sinrod about a defamation case filed against DontDateHimGirl.com.  The Florida based site was sued in Pennsylvania by a man targeted by an anonymous individual over his personal and sexual behavior.  The site was set up to field complaints by women over bad dates.  The suit was dismissed over jurisdictional grounds, and the article goes on to detail the Pennsylvania court's analysis of the long arm statute as applied to web cases.  The story is Even in Net Litigation, It's All About Location.

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