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May 31, 2007

Gates and Jobs Appear Together -- World Doesn't End

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates appeared on stage yesterday in a forum moderated by the Wall Street Journal.  People looking for a public brawl were disappointed by the generally cordial feelings between the two.  The highlights included Gates acknowledging Jobs ability to create cool imaginative products.  Gates said he saw products as an engineering issue and wishes he had some of Jobs vision.  Jobs, on the other hand, said Microsoft was great at strategic partnerships that grew the business.  He said that Apple didn't learn that until decades later.  Apple had been criticized years ago for not licensing the Apple operating system.  Apple at one point experimented with third parties creating legitimate Apple clones but ended that fairly early on.  Jobs also addressed the I'm a Mac, I'm a PC commercials, saying the PC Guy and the Mac Guy are clearly friends and were supportive of one another.  Gates, to his credit, remained silent.  He had lashed out at the ads as unfair characterizations in earlier interviews.

The press reports made it sound like a fun place to be for 90 minutes.  The world did not end from a matter-antimatter collision, and the Justice Department did not investigate.

More details are in the Washington Post and the San Jose Mercury News.

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