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May 31, 2007

Apple, EMI, and YouTube in Deals Together

Apple is now selling unprotected and higher quality EMI tracks for $1.29, or a 30 cents upgrade to those who already purchased the tracks.  If anyone has a penchant for piracy with these, be advised that Apple is quietly embedding email addresses and other details of track buyers in downloads.  In fact, it has apparently done this all along according to two articles in Ars Technica (here and here).

EMI also announced that it struck a deal with YouTube to let users view and remix EMI content.  The company said the deal is structured for the artists and the company to be paid, but didn't say how that was going to happen.  And to bring this all back to Apple, YouTube content will be available on TV via the Apple TV set top box.  Viacom, suer of YouTube for massive copyright violation, said they would welcome a deal with Apple.  With Apple and Google very cozy these days, that might not happen so easily.  Who knows, though.  It's all about money and selling stuff.

The stories are in PC World, Ars Technica, and Monsters and Critics.

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