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April 4, 2007

Microsoft Sued Over Vista Ads

Microsoft was hit by a lawsuit from consumer Dianne Kelley over her machine's ability to run Vista.  She's apparently upset because she has one marked "Vista capable" and can't run a full version of the OS.  Recall that Microsoft came out with multiple flavors of the operating system, from the lowly Home Basic to Ultimate.  All six versions include more features the higher up on the price chain.  More features means more power required from the machine.

It's not that Kelley can't run Vista at all, just that she can't run one that looks like the ads.  To her, that is false advertising.  I don't buy it because as clumsy as Microsoft was with creating multiple versions, they put out an upgrade adviser that helped pinpoint which version of Vista was appropriate for a particular machine.  Moreover, the machine specs on each boxes version spell out a bare minimum power needed to run the system.  This practice goes back to prehistoric Windows.  You would think Microsoft would have been nailed by someone over this by now in our litigious society.  More than that, are we so naive to think Microsoft is going to place ads that say buy the crappy version of Vista?  This suit will go nowhere.

Here's the complaint courtesy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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