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March 28, 2007

Yahoo to End Email Storage Limits

Yahoo is upping the limit on web mail for registered users by not having a limit.  The company will lift space restrictions on all Yahoo user accounts over the next several months from the current 1GB of space.  AOL did this last September, but AOL has 50 million mail users compared with Yahoo at 243 million.  Microsoft is second with 233 million users and Gmail comes in at 62 million.  Yahoo says you may never need to delete an email ever again.  That was Google's line when it upped email limits to 2 GB, a notable announcement at the time.  Sometimes it is a good thing to delete email.  There's spam, after all.  And sometimes, some mail is too sensitive to leave around.  Just ask the Attorney General.

Stories are in the San Jose Mercury News, and IT Wire.

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