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March 8, 2007

Jimmy Wales Plans Search Engine

Jimmy Wales, a founder of Wikipedia, says that a search engine is in the works.  He expects that resulting product can take 5% of the market.  The engine is Wikia, and uses the same software as Wikipedia.  Right now Wikia looks a lot like Wikipedia in that it groups a lot of sites that are wikis in and of themselves.  I'm probably missing something in how this site as it exists is going to transition into  a search engine.  Rather than having the broad subject range of Wikipedia, Wikia seems to be the nerd dream, with articles slavishly devoted to the essence of Star Wars, Star Trek, the Lord of the Rings, and a host of other related topics.  In fact, looking at Wikia, it's not hard to imagine William Shatner's oft repeated statement, get a life, it's only a TV show.  For more on this, see the movie Free Enterprise.  Buts thats the way Wikia is now.  Show us what you've got Jimmy.

Check it out here and be amazed at the amount of time people have to develop the incredible amount of detail available for such a limited scope of topics.  A story about Wikia is in CNET.

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