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March 27, 2007

AT&T and Napster to Offer Cell Access to Music

So let me see if I understand this.  AT&T is partnering with Napster to provide access to 3,000,000 songs to wireless customers with a compatible phone in exchange for those customers signing a two year wireless phone service agreement.  The cost of the music, normally $14.95 a month, is covered with the the phone service agreement.

AT&T is also a long time partner with Yahoo! but rumors have it that AT&T doesn't need Yahoo! as much as it once did.  Rumor also has it that AT&T is rethinking the financials of that partnership.  Yahoo! also has a music service called Yahoo! Music Unlimited (only 2,000,000 songs here).  Offering a music subscription program is apparently one place where AT&T is not extending its partnership with Yahoo!.  Let's not forget that AT&T will be the exclusive carrier (for now) for the iPhone which ties into the iTunes store.  iTunes is also not Yahoo!.  This should get more interesting down the line as more deals are announced.

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