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February 27, 2007

Sony Blu-Ray Price Cuts and European PS3 Differences

Sony has released a new Blu-Ray player that is about $400 cheaper than the previous model and adds the ability for consumers to play CDs on it, a feature that the earlier model lacked.  The BDP-S300 will sell for $599 in the United States compared to the BDP-S1 that sells for $995.95.  At this price, the Blu-Ray player is still about $100 more expensive than a comparable HD DVD player.  From one perspective, it may be a better value to buy a PlayStation 3.  A consumer gets a Blu-Ray player with an advanced game player for the same amount of money.  That is, unless you live in Europe.

Once the PlayStation 3 is released there it won't be the same as those sold in the United States or Japan, or other NTSC countries.  Sony promised backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games.  The necessary components were added as hardware elements for the U.S. and Japanese models.  European models will emulate compatibility through a combination of software and firmware updates.  Other commentary suggests that European gamers may reconsider their desire for getting a PS3 under these circumstances.  Still, it comes with a Blu-Ray player, if that is in fact an attraction.  Price cuts on HD anyone?

See articles in Slyck, Business Week (on why the Sony European PS3 move is no big deal), and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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