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February 12, 2007

Microsoft Plans Vista Successor

Microsoft is responding semi-formally to the speculation that Vista is the last great operating system client the company will release.  Not so says CEO Steve Ballmer.  The Vista successor code named "Vienna" should be out in 2009.  That may have been for the sake of investors and Wall Street analysts.  If XP works, why buy Vista if it's going to be replaced in two years?  Bill Gates says he expects the next client out in 2011.  That assessment is probably more realistic given how long the company had to work on Vista.  Sure there problems with security in XP that had to be addressed which distracted from Vista coding.  Vista will have a target on its back for hackers aiming at both security and DRM controls.  Who knows what distractions Microsoft will face on the road to Vienna.

Speaking of Vista, there is a command built into the OS that can extend the trial period for up to 120 days before activation is required.  The details are in this posting at Daily Tech.

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