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February 1, 2007

Florida Governor Proposes e-Voting with a Paper Trail

Florida has had moments when elections held there had their results doubted.  Some of this was due to ballot design, and some due to the lack of paper trails to verify a vote.  The latter issue comes up in many states what with conspiracy theories out there on how elections get stolen.  Theories aside, it is a serious issue when the general public questions whether individual votes are counted correctly.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is proposing the answer for his state.  He wants to replace all voting machines in the state (now touch screen) with optical scanning equipment that records paper ballots.  The paper would be preserved in case of doubt.  He's serious enough about it that he's willing to make the state pick up the tab for each machine, including costs to retrofit machines for handicapped voters to allow a verifiable paper trail.  Even one Democratic congressman is giving the Governor good marks on the move.  The proposal may not end election intrigue in Florida, but it's a good start to documenting the vote when disputes arise.  That's an improvement.

The story is in Computerworld.

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