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January 18, 2007

MySpace Sued Over Assualt

MySpace is the target of a lawsuit by parents of underage daughters who were sexually molested by adults they met on the site.  Lawyers representing the families say MySpace waited too long to institute meaningful security measures to protect users.  MySpace responds that security is a shared responsibility.  Plaintiffs are seeking damages in the usual millions of dollars range.  These aren't the only suits apparently over these issues.

More details on all of this is in the Houston Chronicle.

In a slightly related report, MySpace is offering software that allows parents to see the name, age, and location their children use to represent themselves on the web.  Parents won't be able to see much else about their kids beyond that.  There won't be access to email or their profile.  Children will also know that their information is being shared, which will generate loud choruses of "Moooooooooooom!"  As it should be.  The software is called Zephyr. 

The story is in Australian IT.

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