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January 12, 2007

Is the Adult Industry Choosing HD-DVD Format?

The story of how the adult entertainment industry propelled VHS as their default format causing to beat out Beta lingers through the ages.  It may or may not be true as those tapes were issued in both Beta and VHS way back when, at least for a while until it became clear which format was the true winner.  Now the industry is close to picking HD-DVD because they are cheaper and easier to manufacture; because Blu-Ray is marketed through the PS3 which is mostly kids and young adults, and not the target audience for adult entertainment; and because of conflicting reports over whether Sony would grant a license to allow adult entertainment on a Blu-Ray disc.  Whether or not one likes the idea of adult entertainment, the sales in discs annually are in the billions of dollars.  That's more than enough to give HD-DVD some leverage in adoption, even if not enough to end the format war.  Even Sony wound up selling VHS recorder/players at some point. 

The story is in Playfuls and Ars Technica.

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