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January 23, 2007

FTC To Hold Workshop on Connectivity and Net Neutrality

The Federal Trade Commission is scheduling a workshop to competition issues in broadband connectivity.  The workshop is to take place on February 13th and 14th in Washington, DC.  The announced agenda includes

Technical Primer on the Internet;

  • What is the debate over “network neutrality” about?
  • Discrimination Against and Blockage of Content and Applications;
  • Network Operators Charging Fees for Prioritized Delivery of Data;
  • Current and Future State of Broadband Competition;
  • Consumer Protection Issues in Broadband Internet Access; and

What framework best promotes competition and consumer welfare? Industry and academic/policy views.

The network neutrality item is interesting.  The focus so far has been on Congress and the Federal Communications Commission rather than the Federal Trade Commission.  Is the FTC staking out some turf here?

The announcement for the workshop is here, the workshop website is here, and the full agenda is here.

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