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January 18, 2007

Consumers to get Vista by Purchase through Download Option

Here's a first for Microsoft.  Vista and Office 2007 will be offered to customers as a download option alternative to buying the discs in a store.  And why not, as we comfortably buy software from other vendors at this point.  The beta for Office filled a CD's worth of data and that was reasonable on a broadband connection, even if a bit time consuming.

Vista's another matter.  The OS came in at 3.2 GB and can take 5 hours or more to download at broadband speed.  Still, lots of people around the world did it to test the OS, including updates and technical refresh copies.  That's a whole lot of Vista being downloaded.

A while back Microsoft indicated that while Vista was going to be sold in 6 different varieties, everything would be on one install disc.  The difference in versions would be triggered by the install key.  Microsoft is setting up part of its Marketplace to allow people to unlock more features by buying a new unlock key, some reports say at discounted prices.  Another limited time program allows for additional licensed installs on other machines a a low price of around $50 each.  How do they do it?  Volume, volume, volume.

The company is really pushing hard on getting a good consumer response to the OS release.

More in Information Week and Internetnews.com.

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