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January 9, 2007

Apple Announces iPhone, TV Box

While many technology companies show their new wares at CES, Apple has an entire show devoted to itself.  Steve Jobs is no slouch at delivering new product news at MacWorld, and as usual, he did not disappoint the faithful.  The two major announcements were of the combination iPod/smart phone, and a living room box that streams video to television sets from computers.  Both items were expected, though this did not diminish the excitement upon their going public.

The iPhone was rumored for some time now, even though Apple didn't sue anyone over the rumors.  The design is pure Apple, merging all the functionality of a smart phone into a touch screen that is as much iPod as it is a communication and media instrument.  Details on its features and functionality are in Time.  Unknown are the carriers that will use the instrument on their systems, although Cingular is reported to be a very early adopter.

The second item of note is the box that allows people to stream video to their television sets.  There is lots of competition for this one, from Amazon, Microsoft, Sling Media and others.  Details are in ZDNet.

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