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December 18, 2006

Promotion Marketing Association Law Conference: Final Comments

The final comments on last week's Promotion Marketing Law Conference are that the programs were relevant to a broad range of topics in advertising law, especially as they relate to technology.  Marketers are following the audience from entertainment in the living room to entertainment online.  In this situation, online can mean via computer, the wireless laptop, cell phones, and portable entertainment devices.  They are looking to methods of marketing that take interactive viewing and similar trends into account.
They are also looking to tie in to sports and other pop culture references to leverage their products in ads.

The conference not only featured speakers from sports leagues and major sponsors, but also speakers from the FTC, including Commissioner J. Thomas Roche who delivered the Keynote address.  Virtually all the legal speakers expressed interest in ethical marketing practices and didn't necessarily reject the concept of new legislation on the subject.  Standards are different from state to state with FTC rules as a national overlay.  Any new legislation would be seen as a way to nationalize standards on how marketers deal with consumers.  The only key concern was whether these standards would be reasonable.  Members of this association are heavy hitters in the markets and would be sure to lobby hard as any prospective legislation works its way through Congress.

I found the conference to be a truly interesting experience and look forward to seeing the agenda for next year.  Anyone who's done research in competition, trade regulation, and technology would especially find this meeting fascinating.

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