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December 19, 2006

Odds and Ends from the News

The tech world seems to quiet down as we get closer to the holidays.  There are a lot of little pieces of news rather than blockbuster headline.  With that, here are some pieces of news worth checking out.

Wired has a review of Windows Vista Ultimate as it exists in its released-to-manufacturing form.  The bottom line is lots of good stuff in the OS (the usual pretty interface, of course), but nothing compelling.  Yet another review that says to wait.  The biggest problems are that drivers for common peripherals still aren't available.  They will likely be available once the January 30th consumer release date shows up.  The full story from Wired is here.

Cingular cut a deal with MySpace so that users can access their profiles through their (Cingular) phone.  There's interactive stuff such as taking a picture with your phone and posting it on your MySpace page, all for $2.99 a month and standard data transfer fees.  Stories are in the San Jose Mercury News and CBS News.

And while we're on the subject of phones, Google is in talks with Orange for a Google branded phone, which will likely access Google properties.  Not much more than rumors out there on this one, but no one would be surprised if it happens.  Here's the story in CNET and the Inquirer.

Our last bit of news concerns Microsoft settling a case with one of its replicators for counterfeit copies of Exchange and SQL Server.  MPO, the French duplicator has licenses with Microsoft for duplication, and they say it was all a misunderstanding.  That didn't stop multi-million dollars changing hands to erase the bad feelings.  The story is in Computerworld.

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