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December 26, 2006

Google Tops Yahoo in Visits, and a New Entrant Comes to Search

Google became the second most visited web site in November, beating out Yahoo for the first time in that distinction.  The numbers from ComScore show that Google had 475.7 million visitors to Yahoo's 475.7 million visitors.  Microsoft remains on top with 501.7 million visitors.  That should go over big with Yahoo stockholders and Wall Street analysts.  The story is in the Daily Tech.

And speaking of Google and Yahoo, another player is about to enter the search engine wars.  Jimmy Wales is about to launch a new search engine in partnership with Amazon called Wikiasari.  The concept is to add a human element to ranking search results.  We'll see.

Since we're talking about rankings and visits, the top ten search providers for November show that Google is still on top with 49.5% of searches with 3,097,838 hits and a growth of 31%.  Yahoo comes in second at 1,518,249 searches and growth of 27%.  MSN/Windows Live Search rounds out the top three with 515,526 searches and a growth of -12%.  We'll be eagerly awaiting the relaunch of Windows Live search in 2007 in spite of Vista's default search settings, and again in 2008, and 2009, etc.

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