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November 30, 2006

Yahoo Declines to Turn Over Information to Google in Scanning Suit

Yahoo becomes the latest corporate behemoth with a book scanning project to reject Google's subpoena for the details of Yahoo's business arrangements with publishers.  Google is being sued by a number of publishers and the Author's Guild over its plan to scan books from major research libraries.  These include libraries at the University of California, the University of Michigan, and others.

Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon.com have similar projects but are not targets of suit, having entered into agreements with publishers.  Yahoo characterizes the request as an attempt to get at trade secrets.  Amazon has also refused cooperation.  Microsoft has had no comment as yet.  There has yet to be a hearing on compliance with the subpoenas, although the positions by the target companies are clear.

Too bad Google isn't the government.  Yahoo would have rolled right over in those circumstances.

Stories on this latest development is in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Chicago Tribune, and SearchEngineWatch (with links to court documents).

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