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November 30, 2006

Vista Ships to Businesses Today

Vista is out to businesses today.  Consumers have to wait at least two more months for the privilege of using Vista on their home machines.  Microsoft claims this is the most secure version of Windows ever, utilizing PatchGuard in the 64 bit edition and placing other controls in the 32 bit version.  The company has been stung more often than not with criticism of the less than stringent code, to the point where at least twice third parties issued patches for Windows when Microsoft did not (at least until later). 

It is in that context, then, that news reports of three pieces of malware dating back to 2004 can compromise Vista in some circumstances.  The three, Stratio.zip. Netsky.d, and MyDoom.o, were stopped by the internal Vista mail client (Windows Mail) but not by third party mail clients.  Seven others were stopped in a test of the top ten malware from November by security vendor Sophos.  The implication is that Vista is more secure, but not perfect.  Another implication is that hackers will be gunning for the OS as a challenge if not for the chance to do outright mischief.

Here follows then another story that of the major security vendors, Symantec, Trend Micro, and Computer Associates are still working on security suites for Vista.  Only McAfee has a product ready to work with Vista.  That may sound bad but shouldn't be of concern to consumers as those products will be ready when that market sees Vista.

Microsoft sees plenty of success for Vista adoption by businesses.  Independent analysts aren't so sure and predict less success for the OS.  I would think the likelihood for success is high simply because major computer manufacturers will only distribute PCs with Vista once the OS is widely available.  It's not as if Microsoft seriously competes with Linux or the Apple OS for the desktop.  That's not to say those OSes don't have their fans.  Their presence does not impact much on sales of Windows-based desktops to the masses of computer shoppers.

Vista is out.  Let's eagerly await the first set of patches for security vulnerabilities.

Stories are in Information Week, and CNET here and here.

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