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November 9, 2006

The 51st or 52nd Way to Leave Your Lover

Sigh.  Gone are the days when divorce is announced by subpoena or the more endearing face to face screaming match.  Technology creeps in and messes it all up.  Something was up a while back when Phil Collins notified his wife by fax that he was divorcing her.  He said it was she wouldn't answer his calls.  Sylvester Stallone used the more traditional but slightly less tacky FedEx letter to announce his intentions.  But now, thanks to advanced technologies another celebrity divorce breaks new ground.  Yes, it is the Britney Spears - Kevin Federline soon to be ex-marriage.  Federline was taping a Canadian television show when he got an SMS message on his cell phone from Britney telling him they were history.  We can now see the historic moment via YouTube through the magic of the Internet. 

Nothing says I don't love you anymore than a blip of consonants on your cell phone.  Celebrities obviously lead different lives from the rest of us.  Thanks to technology we can peer in on their sordid side.  Many say that newspapers are dying because of news on the web.  Why not the tabloids as well?  Standing in a supermarket check-out line may never be the same.

For those interested in seeing Mr. Federline at that nonmagical moment, here is the video.  Technology can change the world, but as we see here, not always for the better.

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