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November 6, 2006

NTP Sues Palm over Patents

The patent scourge of RIM and the Blackberry has found a new target:  Palm.   NTP claims that Palm's wireless email capability infringes on its intellectual property.  RIM lost at trial and exhausted all appeals before settling the suit for $612.5 million dollars.  RIM was facing an injunction that would shut down its service for violation of the patents.

That was shortly before the Supreme Court ruled that injunctions in patent cases are subject to standard injunction rules which use a balancing test to determine whether one should issue.  Lower courts had previously applied injunctions automatically when infringement was found.  NTP has asked for money damages from Palm.

RIM also could not benefit from the review of the patents from the Patent and Trademark Office.  The PTO rejected some of these patents on review, although the appeal process will take time for a final determination.  Re-examination continues despite the settlement in the RIM case. 

Details are in Bloomberg, the Washington Post, and CNET.

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