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November 1, 2006

Non-English Domain Names Coming, Albeit Slowly

ICANN is having mixed feelings about introducing non-Latin characters in domain names.  On one hand, nationalism in countries with different alphabets want their residents to access the Internet in a language they understand.  On the other hand, mixing alphabets can lead to site spoofing and confusion for some users.  The possibility exists for whole swaths of the Internet to separate along country or language lines if this isn't done right.  That was the message at a U.N. sponsored conference on the future of the Internet.  Given that there are approximately 6,000 languages in the world, getting it right is important to bring the benefits of the Internet to non-English speakers. 

One interesting fact in news reports is that live testing on non-Latin addresses would begin later on this year.

Stories are in the Chicago Tribune, ZDNet, and the BBC.

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