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November 24, 2006

12% of Internet Users have Downloaded a Podcast

Podcasting is a popular trend to distribute media.  Newspapers, radio stations, universities, and the ordinary citizen are creating content and placing it on the web mostly for free.  Apple has a place in iTunes for people to subscribe to a podcast series.  There are other aggregators out there as well.  Other sites just let you download the mp3s manually.  The new Microsoft Zune doesn't support podcasts as easily as the iPod, but commentators suspect that Microsoft will add this capability in the relative future.

With all the buzz about podcasting one would think that it has really penetrated the mainstream significantly.  The Pew Internet and American Life Project has a few statistics on the popularity of podcasts.  12% of total Internet users have downloaded a podcast at one time or another.  This compares to 7% of Internet users doing the same in the February-April 2006 survey.

At the same time, only 1% of Internet users download a podcast on a typical day.  This suggests that podcasting is popular but has a long way to go before it competes significantly with other entertainment and news choices.

The full report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project is here.  It includes statistical and demographic material such as income, age groups, and gender as to who is downloading.  The AP story on the report is here via the Chicago Tribune.

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