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October 2, 2006

DVD Jon Tackles Apple's FairPlay DRM

DVD Jon is at it again.  His last exploit was to create 15 lines of code that broke CSS copy protection on DVDs.  The movie industry sued Jon in Norwegian courts and he was acquitted of charges.  He's now worked out a way to replicate Apple's FairPlay DRM scheme.  This means there is a way to place media on the iPod that didn't come from the iTunes store.  Apple has long resisted licensing FairPlay to other online music stores, essentially locking them out of the iPod.  Jon's efforts will surely get the attention of Apple as he intends to license the technology to other media companies.  He says that what he's doing is legal.  Apple will probably dispute that in court, although if they lose there will be severe implications for Apple's closed universe of player and content, and probably Microsoft's planned closed Zune universe.   Jon better not use the syllable "pod" in his trade name.  That will really frost Apple.  This is going to get really interesting really fast.

Stories are in InfoWorld, BetaNews, the Register, and cdfreaks.com

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