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September 5, 2006

Vista Pricing Announced

There has been lots of movement on the upcoming Vista operating system by Microsoft.  My guess is that reports from analysts questioning Microsoft's ability to actually get the product out on time, what ever "on time" means, has got them moving into high gear.  Hot on the heels of a follow-up build that improved the first general release of betas is the first release candidate, RC1.  That's going out to about 5 million testers worldwide.  It should be available to the rest of the world later on this week as Beta 2 was earlier in the summer.

Other little signs that Microsoft might just make it by their January target date include software updates that are listed as Vista compatible.  Sonic Solution's popular Roxio Suite has been updated to version 9 with as runs-on-Vista as part of the new feature list.  Then there was the accidental release of potential prices last week by Microsoft Canada via the web, and Amazon posting prices for pre-order.  These moments were either a bunch of goofy missteps by Microsoft and friends, or an attempt to build momentum and excitement for the product.  Either way, there was no reason to wait on getting out correct information.

So here it is.  Retail pricing for full copies of the various flavors of Vista should be Ultimate at $399, Business at $299, Home Premium at $239, and Home Basic at $199. 

Upgrades from XP will be priced at $259 for Ultimate, $199 for Business, $159 for Home Premium, and $99 for Home Basic. 

Can't remember the difference between editions?  Neither can I, so I consulted the Microsoft Vista page that explained the editions.  All I could get out of it was that the Home Basic has less stuff in it than Home Premium, which is different from the features in the other editions, all duly noted in hand-rubbing anticipation.  The closest aid to sorting out the details of the editions came in a Microsoft press release from February 26, 2006.  Home Basic won't have the Aero interface or the multimedia features that integrates media viewing via the home network among other media related features.  The business delineations are also in the press release.

More on Vista pricing is in stories on PC World, MarketWatch, Information Week, and CNET.  Oh, and Information Week also has a story about RC1 not being ready for prime time according to individuals who have seen the release.  That's just their opinion, of course.

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