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September 18, 2006

Virgin Atlantic Bans Apple, Dell Laptop Batteries from Flights

Virgin Atlantic has banned Apple and Dell laptop batteries on its international flights.  The company joins Qantas and Korean Air who have similar bans in place.  Passengers will have to remove batteries, wrap them, and place them in carry-on baggage.  There is a limit of two batteries per passenger.  Virgin Atlantic is reacting to publicized fire hazards in batteries manufactured by Sony for Apple and Dell.  Sony is picking up most of the cost of the recall of the affected batteries.

According to the report at the BBC,  power is available in the Upper Class sections and at some seats in the Premium Economy.  Laptop use is banned at seats without power.  The airline is laudable in want to prevent its planes from crashing and burning over the Atlantic due to defective batteries.  The reports do not indicate, however, if there are alternatives for unaffected Dell and Apple laptops, or that equipment where the battery problem has been ameliorated. So, laptop owners flying Virgin Atlantic, make your reservations carefully, remember to bring the power cord, and you just may be able to update that spreadsheet by the time you reach the Azores.  Or something like that.

More stories are in the Sydney Morning Herald, TechNewsWorld, who also reports that Panasonic is recalling 6,000 batteries not made by Sony (for a change), and the DailyTech.

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