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August 30, 2006

Zune Underwhelming According to American Technology Research Analyst

Shaw Wu of American Technology Research looked at specs for Zune submitted to the FCC and called the device "underwhelming."  He said the player seems to be a repackaged Toshiba Gigabeat player that has had lackluster consumer response (in comparison to the iPod). 

So far we know the device will have a 30 gigabyte drive, a 3 inch screen, an FM radio, and 802.11 wireless capability that will allow users to annoy their friends who also own Zune players.  Wait until spammers learn how to break through that feature before Microsoft rethinks the communal aspect of Zune.  Imagine getting a Viagra podcast beamed to your machine instead of Led Zep's Black Dog.   That ought to get old really fast.  Then there will be virus dangers, and the need for virus protection software for Zune.  Just kidding.  Microsoft could never build and market a product that insecure.

Wu also predicted that Zune would take market share away from current Microsoft partners rather than from Apple.  No word on whether he was drawing that conclusion for himself, or from the overwhelming net buzz to that effect.

Stories are in the MacObserver, MacNewsWorld, the Houston Chronicle, and CNN.

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