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August 14, 2006

RIAA Sues Dead Man and His Children

The ever gracious RIAA has agreed to stay a case (for 60 days) against an alleged music downloader because he died.  The case will proceed against the defendant's children but the 60 days grace will give them time to grieve before the Association crushes them underfoot through legal process.  Association lawyers figure it's hard to depose someone right after a parent dies.  The case is Warner et al. v. Scantlebury, and the case developments have drawn nearly universal criticism to the RIAA.  No argument on that count here. 

The RIAA has indicated that once the 60 days are up they will destroy the planet Alderon and other planets in the galaxy until the rebel downloaders have been captured and punished.  Join me Luke, and together as father and son we can rule....  Sorry, just got caught up in the moment.  Is someone going to sue me for using this?

The text of the motion is at Pike And Fischer's Internet Law and Regulation web site here.  Thanks to Broadband Reports.com for the link.  More commentary is at Ars Technica, the Inquirer UK, P2PNet, and Recording Industry vs The People.

Update:  The RIAA has dropped the suit.  Alderon is sighing a breath of relief.  On to the next heavy-handed action on the part of the Association.

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