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August 7, 2006

Google Will Warn Users on Some Malware

Google is taking steps to warn users if a page they are about to access is known to harbor spyware or adware.  The search engine is working with the Stop Badware Coalition to identify sites that come up in search results.  There will be an intervening screen identifying the site and asking the user to continue on or return to search results.  As the definition of spyware and adware are malleable, especially in the eyes of promoters, the possibility of a defamation suit is all too likely.  Google should be congratulated for taking the risk anyway.  Between warnings from Google and Vista, when it finally does appear, the unwary should become a little more wary about letting malware on their machines.  At least that's the theory.

The BBC has the story, as does Ars Technica, and Tech News World.

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